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2013-2014 Eleventh Edition of EBWR

Published by Frank E. Jamerson, Ph.D. with Ed Benjamin. March, 2013—270 pages with 300 photos/tables $395. February, 2014 Update–50 pages with 65 photos/tables $195.

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HISTORY: Transformational Automobiles arrived 1900.

Transformational Electric Bikes arrived 1993. EBWR arrived 1995.

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EBWR BENEFITS THESE ENTITIES with timely articles & sales / technology information

LEV Startups–Electric Bike / Scooter Vendors–Bicycle / Scooter Manufacturers–Investment and Business Analysts–Government Agencies / Universities / Libraries

2014 Update highlights entry of Ford branded EBs / USA EB sales UP 80% / battery company turmoil / demise of Europe Two Wheel Retailers Assn. / sales estimates to 2035.

2013 report highlights status & trends of the LEV industry worldwide with articles by industry leaders. Electric Bikes, Scooters, Motorcycles, & Four Wheel EV products & sales estimates. Battery / fuel cell / motor technology / regulations / solar vehicle races / energy & climate future.

EBWR principals have been interviewed by National Public Radio, EnergyNow.com, The Economist and other notable publications.

EBWR buyers

  • USA– AllCell Tech. / Currie Tech. / Fallbrook Tech. / Texas Instruments
  • Asia–Tokyo R&D / KKR Japan / Korea Institute of Tech. / LG Chem
  • Europe–Accenture Strategy / Daimler / Govecs / Höganäs / Robert Bosch / Vrije Univ.

Buyer comments

“The EBWR report is exceptional with articles dealing with policy and a wealth of information relevant to the electric two and four wheel vehicle industry.”

“I particularly liked the section covering changes in relations between manufacturers and distributors and retailers – this rings true with us now.” James FitzGerald, Low Emission Vehicles Ltd., United Kingdom

“The feedback from our business partner was good. We also use the EBWR for studies in our firm. It’s very interesting.” Susanne Dischner, ASAP Engineering GmbH, Germany


Frank Jamerson, Ph.D., Electric Battery Bicycle Company, is founder, publisher and author of Electric Bikes Worldwide Reports EBWR is retired from General Motors Corporation, now General Motors Company

Ed Benjamin 艾德·本杰明, USA citizen, Managing Director eCycleElectric LLC., Founder and Executive Director Light Electric Vehicle Association (USA). Languages: English, Mandarin