Light Electric Vehicles / EV Technology

Revealing the Revolution in Two Wheel Mobility

2013-2014 Eleventh Edition of EBWR

EBWR 2013-2014 Published by Frank E. Jamerson, Ph.D. with Ed Benjamin. $595 2013—270 pages with 300 photos/tables. 2014 EBWR Update now available, 50 pages with 65 photos/tables issued February, 2014, highlights entry of Ford branded EBs / USA EB sales UP 80% / battery company turmoil / demise of Europe Two Wheel Retailers Assn. and new sales estimates worldwide to 2035.

Entities that could benefit from EBWR13/14:
New Entries into the LEV Business: To make a rationale business decision with marketing advice / current & future sales estimates / product & customer trends / technology analysis / worldwide regulations / Four Wheel EV activity / solar vehicle races.
Electric Bike/Scooter Vendor: products / technology / marketing / servicing.
Bicycle/Scooter manufacturer: worldwide market assessments / technology updates.
Investment and Business Analysts: Market history / sales projections.
Government Agencies/Universities/Libraries: transportation trends / market growth.
History: The transformational mass market automobile started in 1900. LEVs started in 1993 are also transformational—a new transportation category.

Light Electric Vehicles / EV Technology:

EBWR, the premier comprehensive information source on status & trends of the LEV industry worldwide. Electric Bikes, Scooters, Motorcycles, & Four Wheel EV products & sales estimates. Battery / fuel cell / motor technology / regulations / solar vehicle races / energy & climate future

  • China, 150 million EBs in use, moves to sell quality EBs globally, also promote four wheel EVs in China.
  • USA EB stores, up to 750 locations, starting to sell more units.
  • Light EV Association launches USA legislation initiative, performance standards and technician training for electric bikes.
  • Auto companies serious about entering LEV arena, two product launches already.
  • European Union sets new rules for approving higher speed EBs.
  • EB/ES sales estimates project growth in 8 regions plus 17 Europe countries.

By 2025 EBWR13 Projects Annual Worldwide Sales of 130 Million Electric Bikes and Scooters

EBWR principals have been interviewed by National Public Radio,, The Economist and many other notable publications.

EBWR Customer Comments:

“Electric Bikes Worldwide Reports is packed with valuable data and insights from the most knowledgable experts in the industry. Unlike many of the newcomers into the category, Dr. Frank Jamerson and Ed Benjamin bring an accurate, sophisticated perspective to the vast amount of activity from electric mobility markets around the globe. The reports are a must read!”
Larry Pizzi - President, Currie Technologies

Frank Jamerson, Ph.D., Electric Battery Bicycle Company, is founder, publisher and author of Electric Bikes Worldwide Reports EBWR is retired from General Motors Company
Ed Benjamin 艾德·本杰明, USA citizen
Currently Managing Director of eCycleElectric LLC.,

Founder and Executive Director of Light Electric Vehicle Association (USA).

Languages: English, Mandarin

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Last updated: Apr 11 2014

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