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2015 Twelfth Edition of EBWR

Published by Frank E. Jamerson, Ph.D. with Ed Benjamin, June, 2015

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200 Million Electric Bicycles Ridden Today–Poised to Grow to 2 Billion by 2050: EBWR 2015 in 20th year of Reporting on the World’s most Dynamic Vehicle Industry

EBWR predicts 100,000,000 worldwide e-bike sales in 2035.
EBWR estimates worldwide e-bike sales at 36,881,000 for 2014.

EBWR continues to provide information important to the movers and shakers in the LEV industry and those expecting to enter this dynamic space.  This includes: sales estimates for the major regions of the world out to 2035, trends in battery, motor and fuel cell technology, product innovation, identification of top manufacturers and regions where growth will occur, new initiative by the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association to work with USA states on e-bike regulations, regulation changes in other nations, growing e-motorcycle products, four wheel EV technology impact on e-bikes, and much more.

EBWR suggests e-bike business paradigm shifts may be underway.
Paradigm shift 1: Auto makers, and auto suppliers, are entering the two-wheel business with expanded technology and marketing options.                                                                                                   

Paradigm Shift 2: The collision avoidance technology explosion in the four-wheel market will be adapted to e-bikes making them virtually collision free eventually. E-bike sales will then explode also.

Paradigm Shift 3: Jay Townley, noted bike consultant, proposes a way for independent bike dealers to be more customer centric thus stronger, a provocative shift.

Frank Jamerson, Ph.D., Electric Battery Bicycle Company, Naples, FL / Harbor Springs, MI is founder, publisher and author of  EBWR is retired from General Motors Company
Ed Benjamin 艾 德·本杰明, Managing Director eCycleElectric LLC., Founder and Executive Director Light Electric Vehicle Association (USA). Languages: English, Mandarin